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“You’re such a dear, I’d like to mount your head in my trophy room,” is a favorite quip from Modern Family—but you won’t need it when you have custom built cabinets in your trophy room. Maybe you’re a famous NBA player (MJ Design Custom Cabinets won’t tell). Maybe you hold more Guinness World Records for food competitions than anyone else (in which case, you may want to check out custom kitchen cabinets, too). Perhaps you’re an avid horror movie fan and just can’t stop collecting B-movie props and keepsakes that you want to display. No matter what kind of collection you have going (including deer heads) show it off in style with incredible cabinetwork.

There are a lot of greats in Salt Lake City, and if you’ve made a name for yourself you deserve to show off the goods. A custom trophy room is the ultimate way to enjoy your success and show it off to your guests. However, all those awards and accolades deserve better than a standard, store bought case. Why not go all the way and have a trophy room that’s designed with handcrafted cabinetry, shelving and display features?

Trophy Life

A little showing off never hurt anyone—and you deserve it. Whether it’s an endless array of ribbons, trophies and awards or a collection worth drooling over, if you have room in your SLC home for a trophy area, you need to go all out. Luckily, the experts at MJ Design Custom Cabinets have a knack for blending the highest quality products and service with highly competitive prices. It’s what they’ve won praise for (and they even have a few trophies of their own to prove it).

It doesn’t matter how stunning a trophy or collectible is if the display is left wanting. You have to match the quality and showmanship of the display case with the featured item—but still make it the focal point. The perfect trophy cabinet or case doesn’t steal the show, but sets the stage for it. It draws in the eye without it being apparent and ensures that the items you’re highlighting has all of the spotlight.

Taking the Gold

You can be a winner numerous times over with the right, custom cabinetry from MJ Design Custom Cabinets. Work closely with a designer to create the ultimate showcase for all your beloved goods. Hand pick the materials, detailing and hardware of your dreams. Kick back and relax as the experts go to work creating exactly what you imagined. Installation is fast, efficient and you’ll be polishing your trophies in no time.
You worked hard for your achievements, and basking in the glory of them is well earned. Make the most of it with a showcase that meets your standards.

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