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Your home office is a unique place where taking care of business meets, “Hey, I can power through these reports in yoga pants.” Whether you meet with clients here or not, your home office is the easiest place to get a little lazy. Does it matter if reports are spilling off your desk when the boss will never see it—or if you’re the boss? Do you really need quality cabinets, furniture and shelving in the space where you “only” work? The answer is yes—numerous studies have shown that a high quality work space leads to happier, more productive workers (even when they’re at home).

Your home office might not be the first place you want to upgrade furniture and cabinetry, but it should be. If you’re like most home workers, 40 hours a week is a light week. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, and staying organized can maximize your efficiency. Having the right filing cabinets, storage space, cabinets and cubbies can help keep you sane when you’re a multi-tasking machine. MJ Design Custom Cabinets can help you become the ultimate worker from home.

Home Office: The Perfect Match

Part home and part office, this space is 100 percent you. There are more and more Salt Lake City residents working at least part-time from home, and today “taking your work home with you” is a given—not an exception. Whether this is a big move or you’re slowly turning a spare bedroom into a workspace, don’t wait until you get overwhelmed to make this area your own. Bringing in customized desks and shelving helps make the transition smooth while keeping you at your business best.
MJ Design Custom Cabinets has helped countless SLC residents streamline their business, especially when the office is steps away from the bedroom. Working from home is a dream come true for many, but it’s not natural for everyone. Some people thrive in a home office that’s homey and intimate. Others need to basically mimic a cube farm in order to be productive. At MJ Design Custom Cabinets, experts will work with you to figure out what kind of environment best suits you and then they will design and deliver the products to make it happen.

A Worker Bee Needs a Great Hive

Working from home might sound dreamy, but it can turn into a nightmare with the wrong space. Have you ever seen someone else’s home office and wondered how they could possibly work in such a pig sty? It’s more common than you think. Often, it becomes a mess because they lack the right storage space or don’t take pride in their surroundings. Quality home office furnishing can change all that.

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