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MJ Design Entertainment Room Cabinets

Entertainment rooms require two things: Comfort and awesome aesthetics. It’s where you buckle down for an all-night poker game. It’s where you snuggle in for a marathon session of “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s where movie nights, slumber parties and at-home wine tasting takes place. This requires adequate shelving, cabinetry, furniture and showcasing. Is your entertainment room up for the task—or are your Blu-ray disks still boxed up and waiting for the right shelves?

MJ Design Custom Cabinets specializes in entertainment rooms no matter what your poisons and vices may be. If you’re a movie buff, you need customized shelving to hold your disks. Gamers need one of a kind cabinetry options with access points and the right dimensions to house your unique collection of consoles. And if you’re an old school board gamer? Combine gorgeous shelving with a special, handcrafted gaming or puzzle table that begs for a night of fun.

Game On!

Unlike other rooms in the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens, there’s no status quo for entertainment rooms—anything goes. The way you entertain is going to be vastly different than anyone else. Maybe you’re famous for cocktail parties during award shows, complete with a rolled out red carpet and champagne. Perhaps every Friday is movie night and it’s getting bigger by the week. No matter how you get social, you’re going to need the right atmosphere and that’s where MJ Design Custom Cabinets steps in.

Salt Lake City is an entertainment hub, but sometimes you just want to stick close to home and enjoy your digs. The host with the most puts the comfort of guests first, but deserves a little help from the right furnishings and shelving. You warrant high quality materials at an affordable price, as well as customized options that were designed just for you. After all, where else are you going to get a shelving unit that’s the perfect size for your mini popcorn maker and legendary hot cider punch?

The Show Must Go On

You can’t call any room an entertainment room until it’s kitted out with all the trimmings. From furniture that’s made to entertain to one of a kind entertainment centers that perfectly fit your new curved television, this is going to take a personal touch and approach. The experts at MJ Design Custom Cabinets have seen it all, drafted it all and have been blown over by their client’s ideas—but they’ve also dished up a few of their own.
Great entertaining is an art and a skill, but you can’t do it alone. Find out what customized furnishing can do for your next soiree at MJ Design Custom Cabinets.

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