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Furniture—it can make a ho-hum house achingly beautiful or it can turn flawless architecture into a veritable den of ugly. It’s the decoration on an empty holiday tree. It’s the paint that’s slathered across a blank canvas. There’s a reason interior decorators can demand a hefty salary: Furnishing a home is no easy task. Even if you have the incredible taste of Martha Stewart, that doesn’t mean you have the budget to match. That’s where MJ Design Custom Cabinets comes in. Don’t be fooled by the name—they do a lot more than cabinetry.

Woodcrafting is the forte of MJ Design, and a number of Wasatch Front residents have discovered this secret. Want a dining table that’s functional and beautiful but built to take the abuse of crazy holiday meals? How about a sofa table that’s the perfect height and length for that odd vintage couch you picked up at a flea market? Custom-built furniture is made to your specifications. It’s just as unique as your personal taste and the architecture of your home.
Making Furniture Fun Again

Somewhere in history, furniture became stiff. It became uncomfortable. It became more “work of art” and less something to hold your rump or a platter of veggies at a cocktail party. At MJ Design Custom Cabinets, designers match aesthetics with functionality. It doesn’t matter how great that chair looks if sitting in it longer than two minutes leaves you with some very interesting bruises. And who cares how great the foyer table looks when it’s too flimsy to hold a lamp?

There’s more to furniture than making it look good. It needs to be utilitarian and it needs to be built to last. This means scratch-resistant, timeless and with the durability to take a little rough housing. Houses are lived in, but furniture is what takes the brunt of the demands. There’s no rule that you can’t have quality, comfort and the security of knowing your furniture will support you no matter what (even after the holiday pounds pile on or the kids make forts out of it during a sugar rush).

Furniture for You

There’s no one size fits all “perfect” table, hutch or armoire. Each one should be designed to suit the needs of the owner. Maybe your buffet needs to be a little deeper than average to hold that mega-sized platters you bust out during the holidays. Maybe your idea of a cocktail table includes drawers that are deep enough for your Rabbit corkscrew opener. It’s all up to you.
MJ Design Custom Cabinetry has the experience, skills and vision to make your furniture dreams a reality. There’s no job too big, too small or too demanding for these professionals.

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