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Cabinets take up some of the biggest—and most prime—real estate in every kitchen. What first impression are yours making? Not only do they make a huge statement, cabinets are also one of the easiest and most customizable of upgrades. “Simply” switching from deep mahogany cabinets with traditional lines to an open, airy French cabinet display can dramatically change any room. Cabinets set the mood from cozy and intimate to open and inviting.

Unfortunately, you probably didn’t have much say in what your current cabinets look like. Or maybe you did, but your tastes have changed since you hand-picked those maple-colored, dated doors. We won’t even mentioned those prefabricated cabinets put in most tract housing. Salt Lake City residents have been depending on MJ Design Custom Cabinets for years, where quality, service and affordable pricing come together. You don’t need to over-spend to get the kind of jaw-dropping (in a good way) results you want.

Making Storage Look Good

Whether you want glass cabinets that show off your fine china or sleek, modern cabinets with plenty of brushed hardware to complement your chef-approved stainless steel appliances, MJ Design Custom Cabinets has you covered. It’s unlikely that you’ll find exactly what you want out of a catalogue—but they can be very inspiring. Your dream kitchen deserves cabinets that have been custom designed by you and handcrafted by an artist.

Upgrading your cabinets is the number one thing you can do to up a home’s kitchen value. Plus, kitchens overall can dictate how quickly a home sells—and for how much. It’s not called the heart of a home for no reason. Kitchens are gathering spots, it’s where you envision cooking holiday meals and hosting dinner parties. It’s where the family gathers for pizza night and where board games get busted out. Cabinets are the trimming for all of these special events, drumming up the exact vibe you want.

A Cabinet for All Occasions

A kitchen without gorgeous cabinets is like the perfect suit without cufflinks, a great tie and crisp undershirt—it’s naked. It’s unfinished. According to a report published in US News Money, kitchens are the first interior “thing” home shoppers look at and cabinets offer the biggest return on investment, however, you don’t need to be gearing up for a sale to enjoy the perks of new cabinets. If it’s what catches the eyes of home shoppers, it’s going to make the biggest impression on you, your family and your guests, too. What goes better as a side for your legendary casserole, famous flapjack Sunday breakfasts or epic coffee concoctions than breathtaking cabinets? They truly go with everything and when they’re built to last, you’ll fall in love with them over and over again for years.

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