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It’s pretty tough to call your bathroom an “in home spa” when the cabinets aren’t up to your standards. Yes, a glorious jet tub or European shower doors welcome you home after a rough day in the office or hard gym session, but that’s of little comfort when you’re eyeing ugly, chipped, warped out or outdated cabinets the whole time. This part of the home is supposed to be your retreat, where rest and relaxation rein supreme. And that old vanity and cabinets are ruining it.

To truly create a Zen experience right in your Salt Lake area home, it’s MJ Design Custom Cabinets to the rescue. Most people think of cabinets as belonging solely in the kitchen—but they’re wrong. It’s the cabinets of the bath vanity that house your special body scrub. It’s the cabinets in the linen closet where you keep the fluffiest of towels. Every time you open a cabinet in this slice of paradise, you’re pulling out something made for pampering.

Shouldn’t the whole experience be first class?

Beyond the Bath

Cabinets that are customized for the bathroom need to be able to withstand a demanding environment for years. At MJ Design Custom Cabinets, each piece is handcrafted with materials built to withstand the sloppiest of face splashes. There’s no steaming shower too long or home hair dye job too extreme that these cabinets can’t face. It might seem like bathrooms are brimming with pampering and luxury, but there can be some major jobs done in here, from waxing to innovative body masks. Are your current cabinets up for the task? Bathrooms are the comfort zone of homes, and it’s where you should feel most at ease. This means all of your senses need to be cared for. The sight of unattractive cabinets can ruin your mood and decrease your de-stressing practices. Worse, if they’re not made with the best material they can warp over time and even start to harbor mold. Wood is a porous material that needs proper treatment in order to survive in bathroom territory.

Finding Inner Peace

Who knew that peace was only a few slippered steps away? When home shoppers are checking out properties, it’s a huge bonus to find a gorgeous bathroom. There are a few focal points here: The bath/shower, the vanity countertop and of course the cabinets. You need the whole trifecta to really make a statement. If just one is missing, it brings down the value of the entire room—and the entire home.

Don’t ruin the bathroom experience due to mediocre cabinets. At MJ Design Custom Cabinets, local experts work with Utah homeowners and builders to design and install the ultimate cabinetry. Who knew scoring inner peace could feel and look so good?

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